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Insightful conversations with leaders in the Arts & Crafts Retail industry

Apr 20, 2021

Consumer anthropologists, Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender, discuss their watershed moments and how the pandemic has changed the retail landscape for the better. Despite the rise of eCommerce, Brick & Mortar is here to stay. 


  • We are at a fork in the road moment for many businesses right now. 

  • Another fork in the road in retail was when Big Box retail entered the US retail landscape, especially for small town retailers.  It required a shift in thinking.

  • Stores are living organisms — constantly changing.

  • You think you’re in control of your business and of your life — you’re not!

  • The pandemic has forced all of us to rethink who we are, what we do, and how we do it. It will make all of us better in many ways. 

  • This is not the “new normal.” It’s the “now normal.”

  • Future of retail:
    • Once an online retailer hit’s a certain plateau, it is too expensive for them to grow sales online without a brick and mortar platform.
    • Visiting a store is the “icing on the cake” for customers.

    • Buy Online Pickup In Store will be a large driver for brick and mortar.

    • Shopping is social - that will never go away.

    • People are looking for experience, and for many products they want to touch and feel things.

  • How is the consumer changing?
    • Customers have always held the cards, but since COVID they hold every single card.

    • Retailers have to figure out how to engage them and keep them loyal.

    • Where consumers go will depend on what the retailer does to attract them - BOPIS, curbside pickup, and other conveniences, as well as how the store keeps them safe.


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