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Insightful conversations with leaders in the Arts & Crafts Retail industry

Feb 1, 2022

Jim Scatena, a legend in the creative industry, discusses what it's like to work with two of the most creative companies  β€” Crayola and FloraCraft β€” and the life and leadership lessons he learned.


  • Keep an eye on your goals. They'll help you make the moves to grow your experience and expand your skills

  • Sometimes you can impact your most loyal market by creating a new market. Which turns you to finding new and innovative ways to  motivate that original market.

  •  Invest in making it easier for your customers (large and small) to order from you.

  • "Reserve the right to change your mind"β€”  if you realize you're going down the wrong path (even if you chose it) you may need to change directions. Don't let your ego and pride get in the way.


  • Look at your goals, what skills and experience do you need in order to reach them?  Go get it.

  • Build a culture of service and dedication where everyone is valued.

  • Listen to your customers and consumers, they're the geniuses.

  • As the leader, reserve the right to change your mind.


Jim Scatena

π—π—œπ—  π—¦π—–π—”π—§π—˜π—‘π—” I’ve spent my entire career (since 1976) in the creative industries!  

You can reach Jim at or on LinkedIn.

Clint O'Rear

π—–π—Ÿπ—œπ—‘π—§ 𝗒’π—₯π—˜π—”π—₯,  president and owner of Creative Sales Consulting, has worked in the Retail industry since 2000. Clint and his team connect suppliers & retailers in the creative arts industries for stronger relationships and strategic sales growth, in order to bring joy to consumers through artistic creative and decorative products. 

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